The policy of SSB company

We believe that the permanence of the company depends on costumer satisfaction and this satisfaction depends on the fulfillment of their obligations and needs. After all, companies belong to the costumers.Therefore, we summon all colleagues to utilize QMS (Quality Management System).

Toward achieving these principles we aim at:

  1. Presenting our goods and services to the costumers with the highest quality and lowest cost in order to achieve their satisfaction.
  2. Doing our best to maintain the satisfaction of the organization workforces, because they are the basic elements of each organization.
  3. Providing a suitable workplace, motivation and maintaining the level of job quality and technical knowledge through training continuously.
  4. Making a good communication with the supporters by knowing that they are our main patrons in this way.
  5. Using statistics & information in order to improve our products, processes & company.
  6. Therefore, toward achieving these goals, board of directors utilize QMS perfectly.

At the end, we ask Allah health & happy life for you, dear addressees…..

Stay healthy, With a perfect & exact choice

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