About us

SSB company during these years has tried to make a good basis for the health of family or, in a wider view, health of society by presenting the best products & taking a positive step in this way.

The act of company has based on medical instrument. Therefore, we have tried to provide the basis of a healthy future for the most effective & most important part of the society (FAMILY), during resent years. In this way, every individual of this small society can feel the health.

So, we thank Allah to give us the ability in order to import & distribute medical instrument & continue our way with ( SSB ) name

We believe that selling a product is not the end. On the contrary, is the beginning of a new way that includes: presenting guaranty services to keep the product in an ideal situation, performance & training to the costumers & giving the newest related information.

So, with the help of Allah, & a group of specialists that are the most valuable source of the company, & with the loyalty to ethical principles in business, we are trying to stay as the best; in order to provide the health of the family.

SSB, by making a friendly relationship based on trusting to each other, & treating in a good way with costumers, related organizations (hygiene, treatment & medical training ministry-hospitals-private & state medical centers) & cooperating with universities & scientific institutions, has tried to keep itself as the best.

We hope to be able to present good services, related to the individual & family health, with the help of Allah……

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